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Facebook’s Glaring Advertising Disclaimer

Mar 29, 2017 by Rebecca Flora

Becky & Sarecky Push It: Pressing all the new social media buttons so you don’t have to. Guess who’s back…Back again… Becky & Sarecky are back…Tell a friend… Brace yourselves: Facebook released a new update (shocker, right?!). This week, we’re pressing … Continue reading

EXPLORE: The 2016 Rappahannock Studio and Gallery Tour

RAAC Art Tour Posters

Mar 28, 2017 by Sean Ruberg

Bringing new people to a community art tour.   Every year the Rappahannock Association for the Arts and Community (RAAC) hosts an art tour where members of the local artist community open their galleries, studios and homes to art lovers … Continue reading

Meet the MTC Masterminds | Courtney Dietz

Mar 05, 2017 by Rebecca Flora

  Courtney has spent the last 14+ years at Merrick Towle Communications maturing into a relationship cultivation maven, both with our amazing clients and her dedicated coworkers. These years of experience have been a large part of Courtney’s successful growth … Continue reading

Meet the MTC Masterminds | Sarah Maltas

Mar 02, 2017 by Emily Sarecky

You know when people talk about “the glue that holds everything together”? Yeah, that’s basically our project management department. They’re behind-the-scenes ninjas that make sure shit gets done. When projects are due, who does what, what goes where, where is … Continue reading

Google Data Studio to the Rescue

Mar 01, 2017 by Amy Weedon

Finding a company that will create a report in a format that’s understandable to clients is a major headache for anyone trying to do reporting. It always seems like the options are either way too simple or way too expensive. … Continue reading

Content in Bloom: Giving Your Brand a Life Outside of Your Brand

Feb 27, 2017 by Gregg Hutson

While the use of social media in advertising is growing, we’re always trying to find new ways to increase its effectiveness and translate its reach to the real world. In a recent campaign for a new Forest City Property, we … Continue reading

Instagram’s New Select Multiple Button

Feb 24, 2017 by Emily Sarecky

Becky & Sarecky Push It: Pressing all the new social media buttons so you don’t have to. Some may shy away from the ever-changing updates that the social media networks throw our way; but not Becky and Sarecky. These two bold women … Continue reading

New Work – The Townsman

The Townsman

Feb 23, 2017 by Jason Knauer

With the growing popularity of boutique hotels and booking services like Airbnb, S.R. Stinson, Inc., saw an opportunity to create a unique hotel experience in the bustling Main Street corridor of Charlottesville, Virginia. The idea was simple: build great rooms in … Continue reading

Meet The MTC Masterminds | John Sexton

Feb 01, 2017 by Emily Sarecky

You’ve seen his work, but how well do you know John Sexton? John has been with MTC for 11 years, and has poured some blood, sweat and tears into hundreds of brands during that time. But what gives John inspiration? … Continue reading

REVEL: An Event Series for Anthology

Oct 06, 2016 by Emily Sarecky

Anthology is an apartment building on H Street, built for H Street. Everything about the brand, from the interiors and amenities of the building to the logo and marketing materials, told a unique story. Anthology was a place that gave … Continue reading