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Google Data Studio to the Rescue

Mar 01, 2017 by Amy Weedon

Finding a company that will create a report in a format that’s understandable to clients is a major headache for anyone trying to do reporting. It always seems like the options are either way too simple or way too expensive. If MTC wants the report to look and function in a specific way, we end up doing something in Excel or PPT, which takes extra time.

Even worse, we can’t tell you how many times we’ve been in the middle of a focused assignment only to have a client email with an URGENT need for an analytics report because of a last minute meeting. So we have to drop what we’re doing and quickly create their specialized report.

Google has come to the rescue with Data Studio.

We can now create dynamic reporting for clients that they can access and manipulate ON THEIR OWN.

Data Studio pulls directly from respective Google feeds and then populates the data based on queries. It offers: visual options for graphs and charts and customization with client logos and colors. Best part: the user can do things like change the date range or page views and the information will repopulate.

By working with clients to understand what data they need access to on a regular basis, we can create a customized dynamic report available for immediate access on demand.

Ultimately eliminating the need for rush reporting on projects. Yeah 🙂

What it doesn’t replace is the need for good old-fashioned data analysis.

Meaning, clients will always need MTC to help them interpret the data and advise on how to use it to make better marketing decisions.