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Generate buzz for a theater company

Campaign Development | Poster and Collateral Development | Social Media Strategy
Big Decision
Increase the awareness among Baby Boomers and generate credibility with Millennials for a local theater through the identity and marketing of it’s 2014 productions.
Big Insight
The acting and production value of the theater is top-notch, and the show collateral and marketing efforts need to reflect that level of professionalism.
Big Idea
"Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad"
The Characters
In a comedy featuring a relatively small cast and characters with such personality, we were able to create a series of posters, each dedicated to a single character. Drawn in a poster-art style, these pieces beautifully illustrate the characters' thoughts and objectives. Since the play is set in a hotel, door hangers were created as outreach pieces to generate buzz for the production.

Big Results
61 %
61% increase in Twitter followers
15 %
15% increase in Facebook likes
2nd %
Ticket sales increased throughout the season with "Judgment at Nuremberg" closing as the second highest-selling production in the last three years.
ODPD posters
door hanger
social media
digital poster