2Hopkins Captures Beauty in Baltimore

The Charles Center neighborhood of downtown Baltimore is not yet known as a destination for luxury living. People are used to looking in areas like Fells Point, Fed Hill, Harbor East, etc.; so, when we were approached to develop the engagement strategy for 2Hopkins, we knew our biggest challenge would be our neighborhood. How do you create awareness for a building located in an area with little awareness itself? Our solution was to launch a social media contest and target those more popular Baltimore neighborhoods.

In April, 2017, we launched the Beauty in Baltimore contest. Just as we did with the 2Hopkins brand, we asked people to take another look at Baltimore – show us what they think is beautiful about the city.

Entering was simple: upload a photo of anything you find beautiful and use #BeautyinBmore

Entrants were encouraged to share their entry with friends and the top 20 entries with the most votes were considered finalists. The voting element lived on 2Hopkins’ website, giving folks a reason to visit and share the website.

We partnered with GoGorilla Media to deploy stencils and posters to promote the contest in those popular neighborhoods. The stencils were kept vague to really pique interest, and the posters paid off the stencils with more detail.

Our media team had already secured contracts with two local publications: Baltimore Magazine and Baltimore City Paper, and we placed ads for the contest in both publications (print), blasted to their email lists and ran Facebook ads (promoted posts).

The contest ran for three months in the spring.

  • 605 Entries
  • 31.7K Total Votes
  • 2.7K Visits to the Contest Page (with an average time on site of over three minutes!)
  • 202K+ Social Impressions

A selection of entries can be found on the 2Hopkins website.

The grand prize winner announcement and charitable donation happened at the a Hopkins Plaza Happy Hour. All event attendees received a Beauty in Baltimore poster.

Not only were we able to successfully create buzz for 2Hopkins in Baltimore, both online and in “the wild”, but we were also able to extend a positive outlook for the city – with 2Hopkins leading that charge. Almost a month after the contest came to a close, Baltimore residents have continued to use the hashtag to show Baltimore pride. We hope that this trend continues!