Along the banks of the Hudson River in New Jersey live some of the best views of Manhattan, and increasingly some of the best places to live just outside of New York.


One such place is RiverHouse 11, a brand new apartment community from developer Roseland. This glass and steel high-rise, located at Port Imperial, commands attention not so much for its sweeping views of the city, but for its identity as an artful residence in Weehawken, NJ.

An eclectic style flows through the building, from industrially inspired brick walls to sleek modern elements to vast open spaces reminiscent of a modern art gallery exhibiting splashes of color and texture across the walls.


To capture all of this in one sweeping brushstroke of a brand, the likewise eclectic minds at Merrick Towle Creative envisioned an identity that celebrated the artful surroundings of building and city. The RiverHouse 11 brand features bold colors, active and engaging declarations, and what amounts to an artist’s statement of what the building brings together for its residents; a collection of wide-ranging visual, active and textural stimulation.

With the rollout of the Collection by RiverHouse 11 (#CollectionxRH11), a campaign to highlight local art and photos inspired by the area, we hope to further define the community as a residence that strives to be an active part of the community, as well as being a wonderfully beautiful and connected place to live.

We will definitely share future posts detailing how the brand evolves and grows into another interesting part of the city.