Life by Harlow.

To bring to life what it means to live a boutique lifestyle, we created a content strategy that shared everything that Harlow “believes” about subjects such as: design, creativity, community, activity and connection. Through these blog articles, emails and social posts we were able to portray a lifestyle unlike anything else offered in Navy Yard.

Monthly themes were created to focus content across channels. Blogs were written to launch each theme and tell a full story of Life by Harlow.

Instagram stories created dynamic visual narratives for the monthly themes.

Platforms were energized with real-life imagery giving prospects a reason to believe in Harlow

The Harlow lifestyle was so appealing to potential renters that even in the most competitive market in Washington, DC, Harlow was able to average 40 homes rented per month for the first three months and achieve over 90% leased in six months.