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Four Great Lessons from How Brands Grow Pt. 2…

How Brands Grow pt 2

Feb 17, 2016 by Sean Ruberg

…for Small to Medium-Sized Marketers Quick introduction. How Brands Grow Part 2 is the follow-up to the 2013 marketing book of the year How Brands Grow and is based on the statistical analysis of thousands of brands across dozens of … Continue reading

Design Trends: How to Stay Above the Noise

Feb 04, 2016 by Joe Symoski

Google the phrase “X logos.” Go ahead, I’ll wait… Done? Good. What you see before you is pages upon pages of the “hipster X” style of logo. Some are done poorly, some are done well and some have even won … Continue reading

Rethinking the Use of Stock Photography

Stock Photography Blog Featured Image

Jan 26, 2016 by Sean Ruberg

For years now, marketers have known that webpages with photos perform better; and it seems that marketers are also in agreement that social posts with images perform better, as well. But what about stock photography? For more reasons than I … Continue reading

We need to fix the relationship between digital media and advertisers

Dec 23, 2015 by Amy Weedon

Advertising and media have always been entangled in a love-hate relationship. Media relies on advertising in order to pay the bills. Advertising relies on media to provide visibility for its products and services. What about the consumer? They tolerate advertising … Continue reading

Merrick Towle Communications Celebrates 11 Wins at the 2015 American Advertising Awards-DC

Addy DC Awards won by Merrick Towle Communications

Apr 08, 2015 by Jason Knauer

The American Advertising Awards-DC is an annual competition that recognizes and rewards creative advertising excellence in the metropolitan Washington, DC, area. This year, the DC Ad Club received 640 entries from 80 entrants. Which makes MTC particularly proud to announce … Continue reading

What’s Big in Advertising: The Big Tease

Screen shot of the landing page for Cameron apartments campaign

Oct 16, 2014 by Amy Odhner

The Big Idea in Advertising: The Big Tease Want to get the most from your limited marketing bucks? Consider the big tease! Everyone from makeup brands to apartments is doing it. Teaser campaigns build excitement as more and more fans … Continue reading

No More Apartment Marketing on Craigslist?

Feb 27, 2014 by Amy Odhner

Been using Craigslist to market your apartments? That could be changing. Craigslist recently introduced legal language in the terms of use explicitly prohibiting the use of posting tools. That means that using Craigslist as a marketing tool could take much … Continue reading

How to Use Social Media to Extend Your Brand’s Launch

Go Big or Go Home

Nov 05, 2013 by Christina Royster

Ignition Interactive kicked off its product Prometheus with a TED Talk from the future that yielded two billion impressions when shared in social media. Sony Ericsson tied its Xperia PLAY Super Bowl commercial in with a content strategy on Facebook … Continue reading

Avenir Place


Oct 30, 2013 by Jason Knauer

The Merrifield area in Northern Virginia is undergoing a bit of a renaissance. Massive development projects have flooded the area and, in the end, this typical suburban community will be reinvented as a high-density lifestyle location. In the near future, … Continue reading

FEAR in Advertising

Oct 28, 2013 by Sean Ruberg

“Most advertising is shit. Always has been.” – Lee Clow But why is that? The answer is marketers’ inability to conquer a basic human emotion: fear. We’re afraid that if we don’t tell them that it’s “Brand New,” “they” won’t … Continue reading