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Best Practices for Facebook Boosted Posts

But if you’re managing any Facebook pages you probably already know that. Way back when (and I mean 2013), when …read more

Social Media Contest Creates Buzz

The Charles Center neighborhood of downtown Baltimore is not yet known as a destination for luxury living. People are used …read more

Four Reasons to Include Comment-to-Enter Giveaways

Post a question on social media and ask people to answer for a chance to win a prize and watch …read more

Google Update

It doesn’t happen often enough, but when it does, I like to take a moment to give them a shout-out. …read more

Content in Bloom

While the use of social media in advertising is growing, we’re always trying to find new ways to increase its …read more

Branding The Bixby

When it comes to creating a great brand, finding the perfect name is only the beginning. It’s a good thing …read more

How to Make a Splash

How do you make an impression on potential residents in an area that is quickly becoming a saturated market? Simple: …read more

Rethinking the Use of Stock Photography

For years now, marketers have known that webpages with photos perform better; and it seems that marketers are also in agreement …read more

Get Your Hands Dirty

No one can make the same mark quite the same way you can. So, in a time when it’s become …read more

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