Right now, we’re seeing an increase in website engagement. Prospects have more time to stay on your site and view more information. But we’re seeing a decrease in contact with the clients because they are unsure of their employment situation. Make sure you’ve got a strong retargeting strategy ready to keep in front of the prospect during their (likely extended) leasing process.

Getting people to your website takes time and money. And, we know when it comes to finding a new home, the decision-making process can take a while. So, how do you keep the users that have visited your website engaged until they are ready to convert?


Build Out Your Lists

Start by building lists based on the traffic that takes “intent” actions on your website, especially those that engage in your floor plans, pricing and availability pages. Typically, we build 30- or 60-day lists. During the current situation with people encouraged to stay-in-place, you should also create 90-, or even 120-day lists since renters will most likely not be making immediate moves, but rather planning to make a decision a few months from now.

For your remarketing campaigns, consider running and testing a variety of messaging so that you engage the various audiences. The most important goal should be bringing prospects back to lease, but we also want to stay in front of those that are still in the research and consideration stages of their decision-making process.


Immediate Intent Focused Ads

Prospects who need to move may be struggling with how to lease in this strange time. Use your ads to help guide them on what to do.

  • Explain how to set an in-person, self-guided or virtual tour with your team
  • Promote any videos, 360 tours, galleries or other ways to see your property from afar
  • Feature available units with pricing, floor plans and actual unit photos
  • Highlight any specials or promotions you are running
  • Feature your virtual open houses or other easy ways to connect with your team
  • Highlight all the ways prospects can connect with you. Think outside the box with channels like Messenger or Instagram DM since social engagement has increased exponentially. (Visit our blog on how to capitalize on the increase in social media usage)


Long Term Intent Focused Ads

Keep in front of prospects who want to move but might be hesitant to do so right now. Put your best content in front of them so they remember you above all others.

  • Utilize messaging that aligns with the situation: “Keep us on your list”, or, “Let us remind you what makes us special”
  • Showcase your professional video to draw them back into your property
  • Create a series of carousel ads that highlight different aspects of the community. Rotating through this content will keep ads from getting stale.
  • Offer the prospect the option to follow you on your social channels as a way to engage with you during this time.


Referral ads

It’s possible the prospect just came to your site to look or dream. That’s ok! Create an ad set that encourages them to tag others that might be looking for an apartment. Word of mouth is more important than ever during this time!


Getting a prospect to your website is even more challenging now. Making sure you keep in front of them during their decision-making process is essential to capturing the most of every visitor.