As the Washington, DC, area continues to grow, demand for the best apartment homes are growing with it.

And that can leave urban-minded renters feeling like they have to settle, giving up style, location, amenities and/or other advantages just to find a place that’s not way out in the suburbs. However, the brand new Lync at Alterra is offering a solution.

Located right outside the District line in Hyattsville, MD, Lync has great proximity to the city, along with a fully modern style and fantastic amenities. It’s exactly the kind of apartment on-the-go, urban-minded renters want. The only problem? Not everyone thinks to look for great, new apartments in Hyattsville. Which is why Grady Management turned to us.


Our creative team knew that, to get urban-minded renters excited about living at Lync, we needed to do more than tell them what Lync offers; we needed to speak their language. So, we embraced a loose style, writing headlines that feel like text messages and creating a look that feels part Instagram post and part eclectic street art. And we kept the messaging simple, making it clear that Lync brings together everything an on-the-go, urban-minded renter wants in a DC life.

Rolled out through site signage and social media engagement, the Lync campaign is designed to reach out in multiple ways and directions, ensuring that anyone who’s looking for an apartment that offers a city-style life will realize they can find just what they want in Hyattsville. It’s a campaign that reflects exactly what Lync is: an exciting place to call home.