Post a question on social media and ask people to answer for a chance to win a prize and watch what happens. You’d be surprised what mixing this type of content can do for your social presence…

Here are four reasons why we’re a fan of working comment-to-enter giveaways into our social media strategies:


1. Increases Engagement

For the most obvious reason, it boosts engagements. If you ask someone to engage with your social media post, you’re one step ahead of not asking…Add a prize and it’s even more incentive for your audience to engage. The prize doesn’t even have to be large! Something as a simple as a $25 gift card to their favorite local restaurant will do it.

On average, comment-to-enter posts generate 48.5 engagements per post, compared to the non-comment-to-enter posts, which generate 12 engagements on average. That’s a 300% increase in post engagements!

2. Increases Reach

The more engagements, the higher the reach…so this goes back to the idea that just asking people to engage is step one. We also recommend boosting comment-to-enter posts to extend reach. Anywhere from $5-$25 is enough to get more eyeballs on your post, which should turn into more engagements and higher reach.

On average, comment-to-enter posts generate 1,167 people reached/post compared to the non-comment-to-enter posts, which generate 412 people reached/post. That’s a 183% increase in post reach!

3. Sends Traffic to Property

Online engagements are great, but what if we could actually send some REAL traffic to the property as a result of what we’re doing on social? You can, with comment-to-enters! Just have the gift card ready at your location and coordinate with the winner to swing by to pick up their prize. When they come to pick up their prize, they’ll be exposed to the property and have the opportunity to look around and take a tour if they’d like!

4. Stay Connected with Prospects

Let’s say you’re an apartment building and you’ve got a great prospect list and you want to stay connected with them but don’t necessarily have any new information or offers to share with them. Why not tell them about this great giveaway opportunity? This not only keeps your name in front of your prospects, but also drives them to your social channels and encourages additional touch-point opportunities!

Bonus: Partner up with some local businesses and they’ll probably help promote the giveaway, too! It’s a quick and easy way of extending your reach and also making great relationships with businesses.

So, if you’re looking for ways to get your audience more engaged on social – consider adding a comment-to-enter giveaway to your social strategy. Let us know if you have any questions or need any help strategizing/managing the program.