Your hands are your own.

No one can make the same mark quite the same way you can. So, in a time when it’s become so easy to jump on a computer at the first inkling of an idea, taking a step back and creating a campaign, literally by hand, can make a good execution great; and give ordinary artwork a dose of much-needed, handcrafted personalization. That’s exactly what we did with two recent campaigns: The American Century Theater’s “Oh Dad, Poor Dad” posters and the MSP 2015 Polar Bear Plunge.

For “Oh Dad, Poor Dad,” we wanted to convey the idiosyncrasies of each of the four main characters; from the chaos and madness of the Mother, to the seductiveness and sex appeal of the Babysitter. We knew that a computer couldn’t produce the kind of marks we wanted, so each poster was first drawn by hand, then taken into Adobe Illustrator to color and finish. By doing them first by hand, we were able to achieve a more personal and custom line quality than doing so on the computer, which can come off as more sterile and almost too perfect. This approach helped us win two SILVER 2015 ADDYs for this campaign.

When producing the MSP Polar Bear Plunge campaign, we knew from the start that no stock or clip art could bring our “Species of the Chesapeake” to life. So, each of the 15 different Species was first sketched and planned on transparent sketch paper; then, a final hand drawing was produced, which was subsequently taken into the computer to color and finalize, just as we did with the posters. As you can see, this human element injected life into each of the characters, which helped us take home three SILVER 2015 ADDYs and one GOLD 2015 ADDY.

Clients and consumers notice small details—especially when those details are made with a human touch. So, next time you start a campaign, instead of firing up the Mac at first, grab a pencil and paper, and see what kind of marks only your hands can make.