The answer goes well beyond “Why not?”

Upon retiring from his agency in 1967, Leo Burnett gave a famous speech informing his staff “When to take my name off the door”. This was a final call to action, exhorting them to stick to their principles, to care about staying creative and not becoming one of the “big-shot wisenheimer” agencies. But, what happens when an agency doesn’t lose its principles, but intentionally (and with a great deal of deliberation) changes its principles?

Four years ago, we took a look at the state of the advertising business: increased specialization and decentralization, the proliferation of boutique branding agencies and what we saw as the overall decrease in focus on the creative products agencies were putting out. And that’s when we decided to evolve.

We shifted our focus from things—brands, websites, ads, etc.—to ideas. Big, audacious ideas that would consistently grab attention and get a reaction. Then, we executed those ideas wherever potential clients were: social media, out-of-home, events, websites and so on. We created ideas for anyone needing to make an impact, from real estate to hospitality to events to technology and the arts. As might be expected, when you go through a period of change like that, you eventually look at your website or your business card or the presentation you’re in the midst of giving to a prospective client, and suddenly it hits you: This is NOT who we are anymore!

And that, in the proverbial nutshell, is exactly what happened at the agency previously known as “Merrick Towle Communications”.

Long story short, we’re now “Merrick Towle Creative”—a platform for creating business impact wherever and however we can. We’ve created a flexible framework that will allow our business to grow and evolve in sync with the creative industry as a whole, fueled by an insatiable passion for consistently creating nothing short of utterly and jaw-droppingly amazing work for brands that will benefit from it. (Not to mention generating incredible volumes of hyperbole in the service of self-promotion!)

We’re proud of all we’ve done over the last 32 years as Merrick Towle Communications. We look forward to the next 30+ as Merrick Towle Creative.