With the growing popularity of boutique hotels and booking services like Airbnb, S.R. Stinson, Inc., saw an opportunity to create a unique hotel experience in the bustling Main Street corridor of Charlottesville, Virginia. The idea was simple: build great rooms in a great location, then make booking and entry completely autonomous. Upon reservation, visitors receive a code that gains them access to the completely unmanned hotel. It’s the perfect model for adventurous souls who want to be in the thick of it all, but not deal with the hassles of larger hotels or the uncertainty of unprofessionally managed private rentals.

MTC created the identity for the brand, a collateral package as well as developed an online presence where visitors could browse the rooms and book their stay. Each of the four rooms is named after famous figures from the Charlottesville area and has a unique personality. Meanwhile, as our branding clearly states, one thing will remain the same regardless of what market you happen to be in: at The Townsman, you are always downtown.