A short-term lease-up success story at Eliot on 4th

Eliot on 4th launched their “Live Inspired Everyday” campaign to attract renters looking to live at DC’s Southwest Waterfront. Leasing was going well, but the property managers noticed that they weren’t getting enough interest in their walk-out, townhome-style residences. On the marketing calls with MTC’s engagement team, the Eliot management team brought up the issue and requested MTC’s help in creating solutions.

MTC’s team of creative, social media, and digital advertising experts developed a strategy to bring all the marketing channels together in order to find renters for this product-type. The team created messaging and determined how each channel could support the campaign in the most efficient and effective manner. A short-term, one-month campaign was launched.

Blog Article

A blog post article was created to fully describe the lifestyle benefits of the townhome-style residences. Traffic from digital channels was sent to this page to  explore floor plans and other aspects of the community.

Prospect Email

Prospects who had shown interest in the property were emailed to make sure they knew about the townhome residences.


Social Content

Organic and ad content on social channels focused on the features and pricing of the townhome product.

Google Ads

Google Ads included townhome campaign targeting keyword searches for prospects looking for owner-occupied rentals.


One-month results

1,000 sessions were sent to the website from the campaign

9 rentals were completed during the timeframe

0 additional budget needed because existing dollars were repurposed for this effort


The campaign was so successful that it has been replicated by the property to focus on other product types.