Say you want to open a business with multiple locations

…but you want each of them to be custom to their individual community. Different than a flexible brand, a templated brand has an overarching identity, but each location is unique. The benefits of building a brand like this are numerous – among them, the ability to leverage economics of scale, ease of introducing new franchises and increased brand recognition.

We recently created a brand of college apartments for Peak Campus named Theory. The brand plans to have multiple properties across the country located in major university towns, starting with Raleigh, NC, and Syracuse, NY.

In naming and creating the brand, we needed to consider the scope of the project, because of all the conflicts—competitor and otherwise—that could arise from having a multitude of markedly different properties in vastly different parts of the country. We also had to consider commonalities of the properties before they have been built or planned, as well as how the logo, collateral materials and web presence would change for each location.

With Theory, we developed a branding system that would change based on the school colors of the university each property was located near, e.g. Syracuse used Syracuse Orange as the accent color and Raleigh used NC State red. Backed by a neutral main color of gray, each franchise can tout a custom branded location, while staying under the umbrella Theory brand. Creatively, the brand captures a youthful and energetic lifestyle with a candid feel that syncs with college life.