Extending a Boutique Hospitality Brand

When we (and Stinson Hospitality) developed The Townsman brand, we had a big vision. There would be The Townsmans all over the Mid-Atlantic. The reality was different…but maybe better than the original vision.

While searching for properties to convert into “Unhotels”, Stinson realized that the opportunities for “Townsman-style” properties were not as abundant as originally imagined. But, there were a lot of properties with unique character that could be converted into a hotel or BnB-style experience. So the decision was made to not limit future development to The Townsman.

While we would be lying if we said we weren’t disappointed that there aren’t a half-dozen The Townsmans in MD, VA and NC, the opportunity to expand on the original Townsman idea was exciting. The first two properties would be a home divided into apartments and a BnB on a vineyard. Our approach to the brands would be to create a series of unique identities that have a similar visual style and tone to The Townsman, essentially creating a house of brands.

The home became Belmont Manor: “Stay Different. Stay Local.” and the BnB became The Chateau: “Your Vineyard Escape.”

This approach allows Stinson to create unique hospitality experiences for every property they develop, while keeping with a shared brand tone and style.

We can’t wait to see what they buy next, so we can keep growing The Townsman brand family!