Influencer Strategy

Today, capturing the interest and split-second attention of social media viewers takes much more than posting stock and branded imagery. Enter influencers. Across social media platforms, influencers present themselves as middlemen between a brand and the consumer. They work with brands to spread their message to a wider audience and gain consumer trust by sharing specific content related to their subject area expertise: travel, food, fashion, fitness, etc.

For luxury real estate brands, influencers provide a unique opportunity to tap into targeted audiences who can otherwise be harder to reach through paid advertising. As a result, it’s become important, if not imperative, to include influencers in a social media strategy.


Baltimore Luxury Lease Up

When MTC was hired to launch a social media strategy for their brand new apartments in downtown Baltimore, we were more than up for the challenge. After a couple months of regular social posting, we began to infuse our influencer strategy. Our goal was to activate the property’s model unit, while piggybacking off of a Sofar Sounds invitation-only concert hosted in their luxury penthouse amenity space.


The Inflluencers

@JZeats and @LuvYinzi

We partnered with @JZeats and @LuvYinzi, two micro-influencers with diverse audiences centered in Baltimore and Washington D.C. @JZeats is a local foodie extraordinaire, trusted by her followers to create delicious and special recipes. @LuvYinzi is a Baltimore lifestyle and travel aficionado, well-known for her wanderlust and inspirational content. The influencers objectives were to capture the essence of the property’s brand by showcasing how residents live the most luxurious lifestyle at Baltimore’s best and brightest apartment community.

To accomplish this, the influencers participated in a photoshoot of the property’s two-bedroom model unit prior to attending the Sofar Sounds concert. @JZeats outlined the steps on how to prepare a decadent dinner, highlighting the chef-inspired gourmet kitchen. Whereas @LuvYinzi, drew attention to the bright lights, big living theme by taking photos in the spacious bedrooms lined with floor-to-ceiling windows.

When the shoot wrapped, the influencers traveled up to the luxury penthouse amenity space for the Sofar Sounds concert. Once they arrived, they went live on their Instagram accounts, which in turn, notified all of their followers. Minutes before the concert began, the influencers filmed the entire penthouse amenity space, which included the fitness center, the rooftop pool, and the lounge. As soon as the concert began, the influencers turned to organic video and photo story footage.

The Results

When the influencers went live, @JZEats and @LuvYinzi notified thousands of viewers to tune into their page and engage with their content. Both influencers received about 1,000 likes on their personal photos.

Due to this widespread coverage, @ShapedByCharlotte, an influencer with a broader reach of 56k followers, volunteered her services at no additional cost. Once her posts went live, the page saw another increase in engagement.

As content planning and strategy for the new decade approaches, we’ve made it a priority to continue building out our influencer marketing packages. In this last year alone, we’ve curated a list of influencers who we’ve vetted to recommend to our clients. After all, part of the fun is facilitating these connections between clients and influencers to establish long-lasting and valuable relationships.