Depending on your tastes

…and who you talk to, Brutalist architecture is either a clinic in merging form and function to create simplistic, beautiful structures, or a cold, ugly, blight on city blocks that harkens back to Cold War-era Soviet Russia. No matter how it’s executed, though, the modernist tenets of simplicity, efficiency and material are ever present – never more so than in our latest project: 2Hopkins.

As part of the Baltimore, MD, skyline since the mid-1960s, 2 Hopkins Plaza has been a shining example of pure, Brutalist architecture seen by millions. But have they really seen it? That’s the question that was asked in the rebrand of 2Hopkins, and MTC’s goal was to make sure that the answer going forward would be “yes”.

Using the same modernist ideals that were used to create the building, MTC created a brand that celebrated 2Hopkins’ history, but kept an eye on its future as a fixture of Baltimore for many years to come. Using the building’s own silhouette as inspiration for the logo, we paired it with classic and simple Helvetica to ground the mark in a way that calls back to mid-century esthetics.

From there, we broke out the brand into multiple touch-points, including a stationery package, website, brochure, outdoor signage and social media campaigns that reinforced the idea that 2Hopkins is a modern throwback.