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These are some things we offer to our employees.
Flexible Time-Off
That's right. We work hard when we're here (and sometimes from home), so it's nice to take time to recharge. We don't have any set number of vacation days or sick days, so, if we can make your time-off work, we will.
Real Computers
Say goodbye to hand-writing letters and say hello to email! Ok, so we had this icon and I wasn't sure what else to put. But yes, everyone gets a laptop (Mac or PC) to work on, and a monitor, if you want one. It definitely makes it easier to work from home.
Health Insurance
Medical. Dental. Vision. If your body's got it, this insurance will likely cover it. (It actually is pretty good insurance.)
Paid Holidays
You can't come in on certain days. And you have to get paid for those days, regardless. Sorry, that's just the way it is, so suck it up and take our money for doing no work.
401(k) Plan
We have a 401(k) plan for all of our employees to contribute as they like for their future, complete with online tools to manage it and a financial planner to answer questions and help in any number of ways.
Our instant photograms
Sometimes we take pictures. This is where we share them.
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