What We Provided:
  • Brand Development
  • Website Development
  • Collateral Design
  • Social Media Strategy
The Project
Transforming expectations of—and attitudes toward—downtown Baltimore living

At Merrick Towle Creative, we pride ourselves in looking at the world in new ways, which is why we were so excited to help Berman Enterprises introduce 2Hopkins to the city of Baltimore. Like us, Berman loves the innovative. And 2Hopkins was by far the most innovative new apartment in downtown Baltimore. Set within an iconic skyscraper, 2Hopkins embraces its building’s mid-century commitment to form and functionality but adds an extraordinary level of modern style, creating a new expression of urban luxury as unique as it is desirable. We were eager to help turn this transformative residence into the talk of the town.

Bringing together the best of the past with the best of the present

Inspired by 2Hopkins’s coming together of classic form with modern design, MTC created a brand that conveys a retro-cool sensibility infused with a contemporary, urban edge. The look of the campaign utilizes iconic elements of mid-century graphic design to communicate the residence’s embrace of the principles of openness and functionality. However, just as 2Hopkins features the latest in luxury finishes and amenities, the 2Hopkins brand projects an of-the-moment feel by blending the strong, clean graphics with a knowing tone. This fusion of old and new captures the essence of the community: an apartment where smart innovation has created a home that’s at once comfortably familiar and yet desirably new.

Telling the story of how the old became new again

The history of 2Hopkins offered MTC the opportunity to build a website that was more than a space for bullet points and floor plans. The 2Hopkins website is a story. A journey that swirls into the building’s mid-century past and stretches out toward a future where downtown Baltimore is the place to live in the city. Using a scrolling series of images and narrative blocks of copy, the home page immerses users into the brand’s powerful identity, compelling those who visit the site to imagine themselves as part of the 2Hopkins story.

Social Engagement
Inspiring people to rethink the way they live in Baltimore

2Hopkins is changing the way people see downtown, transforming it into a top neighborhood for luxury living. To get people thinking about—and talking about—this transformation, MTC developed two social engagement campaigns. First, 2Hopkins partnered with local bars to present a free drink that was a new take on a classic cocktail, such as a new old-fashioned. Emails, ads and social media drove people to the participating bars and ensured people were talking about 2Hopkins and its unique brand.


For the second social engagement campaign, MTC developed and coordinated the Beauty in Baltimore contest. This contest asked Baltimore residents to take photos of aspects of Baltimore they found beautiful, giving people an impetus to see Baltimore differently and thus opening them up to the notion that downtown was becoming a wonderful place to live. Contestants posted their photos to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with a designated hashtag (#BeautyinBmore), which helped raise awareness about 2Hopkins and its brand. As an added incentive, the contest offered a $500 prize for the winner as well as a $500 gift to Rebuilding Together® Baltimore.