What We Provided:
  • Brand Development
  • Collateral Design
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Strategy
The Project
MTC and ArchCo Residential’s newest brand

So, 99% of all luxury/upscale apartment communities want to be branded as more of a fashion brand—in other words, fancy with very little humor. There’s nothing wrong with that strategic placement; in fact, it’s usually what the properties need. Occasionally, a client will take a chance and go for the gold with a campaign that is a little quirky and full of its own offbeat personality. ArchCo Residential is that client and Arlo is the brand that broke the luxury “ceiling”.


Arlo apartments, developed by the nice people at ArchCo Residential, just launched and it’s the latest identity to make waves in the real estate industry from the branding factory we all know and love, MTC. ArchCo Residential definitely went out of the normal real estate comfort zone of “luxury” branding and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Just outside of center

The name “Arlo” came from the locale. Since the property is near the middle of Charlotte, “Arlo” is literally in the middle of “Charlotte”. This obvious/authentic/oddly insightful tone continues throughout the brand, which fits the neighborhood of FreeMoreWest, itself a quirky, industrial, up-and-coming place to live in Charlotte.

We wanted to create a brand that was fun, casual and very approachable. The tagline “New Charlotte apartments just outside of center” delivers the promise that the brand fulfills. Honest, outlandish and just a bit weird, the Arlo brand will definitely be unique in the luxury apartment landscape.

Social Engagement

While the brand is just launching, there is a full program of social posts and engagement activations planned over the coming year to introduce Arlo and engage the local community. And given the location near two stadiums, the Carolina Panthers’ and Charlotte Knights’, there will be ample outreach opportunities to extend the brand.