Portside at East Pier

Define A Luxury Residential Destination in Boston

Big Decision
The new apartments at Portside at East Pier are located in the up-and-coming neighborhood of East Boston, which has a growing reputation as a destination for unique and authentic dining like Rino’s Place and Angela’s Café. The challenge was to encourage savvy young professionals to come explore this new neighborhood and choose to be one of the first members of the new East Pier community.
Since this will be a new destination the website will need to have well-executed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to be visible in local apartment searches. And with over 95% of potential residents visiting the website before touring the property, the web presence will be the most important aspect of the brand.
Big Insight
The new face of urban living is a group of young people that consider themselves “pioneers.” They enjoy exploring new restaurants, nightlife, attractions and neighborhoods. They take pride in being able to tell their friends about a “hot new place.” And with “Eastie” being voted “Best Neighborhood” by Curbed Boston, it was time to get these pioneers excited about exploring this new place.
Big Idea
Go East
Less a brand and more of a challenge. The campaign for Portside at East Pier was a call to explore everything that makes Eastie and Portside at East Pier great. From navigational-themed graphics to a scavenger hunt-style social contest and sophisticated web presence, the campaign provided just the right motivation to “Go East.”
Big Results
1500+ %
traffic per month to website during first 3 months
4:00 %
Stationery Package
Social Media Integration
Website Presence
Brochure Inserts
Printed Brochure
Promotional Coaster