Winchester Lofts

Bring a historical renovation to life

Brand Development | Website | Collateral Material | Social Media | Guerilla Media | Promotion/Contest Strategy | Event Planning
Big Decision
Convince Yale graduate students, staff and New Haven’s fashionable young professionals that the historical renovation of the Winchester Repeating Arms Factory is the apartment of choice for people who prefer luxury products with soul.
Big Insight
Winchester Repeating Arms was a company of craftsmen; they developed hundreds of patented technologies, including tools and toys, which shaped America. And the team working on the new lofts is just as devoted to their craft as the original Winchester team, creating a modern lifestyle experience out of a worn-down factory. This property is a celebration of the crafted life.
Big Idea
Craft Your Life
A brand experience built around craftsmanship and a life well crafted. From a logo inspired by the original Winchester proof mark to a website with rich textures, historic details and custom animations to a local artisanal retail guidebook and posters by Hatch Show Print, Winchester Lofts is offering potential residents the experience of a life where all of the details have been considered.
Big Results
Highly Effective Website: 4 Pages/Visit; 8% Conversion Rate (2x the industry average)
+120 %
Over 120 attendees at the art gallery event
stationery package
business card
branded mug
hatch show posters
fence banners
art show event
art show event