Courtney Dietz

Client Services Director

Courtney is originally from the sunny state of Florida and graduated from FSU with a degree in English Literature. However, Shakespeare was benched the minute she snuck her way into the agency life over 20 years ago. Her career began as a copywriter for Lennar Homes until she realized that Client Service is where it’s at. She’s got 10 turntables and a microphone. (Nah, she’s only got one turntable but a nice catalogue of vinyl!)

She loves bourbon, Buffalo hot sauce and cheese fries—the fake, gooey, plastic cheese kind. She’s genuine, empathic and will always give you a hello and goodbye hug. She runs on Dunkin’ pretty much daily. Her closet is color-coordinated. Laughing is her favorite. If you know Courtney, you also know that her hairstyle is forever changing. She has a puppy named Milo and a car named Lady. She’s a bit OCD, a bit ADD and has a whole lotta heart.

And don’t worry, The Bard still gets much love during the “Shakespeare in the Garden” readings she holds in her backyard with her other nerd friends.