Donna McGee

Production Director

Donna joined MTC in 1989 and is our Production Director. Her inquisitive nature fits perfectly with her role in analyzing problems and finding solutions. Her attention to detail and objectivity put her in the first line of defense against potential costly production errors and making sure our final products are delivered on time, on budget and with impeccable quality.

Even though some of the creative folks call her the “Dream Dasher”, they know she has their backs and understands the realities of making something happen, all the while keeping their expectations in check so their ideas can become real. Bottom line, she’s a realist and doesn’t believe the glass is half-empty or half-full—it’s just the wrong size glass.

She encourages others to be better, look deeper, think harder and be creative. Donna’s superhero qualities are her gut instincts, reading people, patience, objectivity and above all, her boisterous laugh, which alone will make even the most dire situation seem manageable.

When Donna’s not providing production expertise, you’ll often find her listening to live music and dancing until her hips can’t move…that, or partaking in her guilty pleasure of binge-watching Harry Potter movies.