Gregg Hutson


With a background in math, science and engineering, Gregg, as it might be expected, found his way into a career in advertising. Not a natural born writer, Gregg decided that copywriting was a great job for him.

Why copywriting?

He basically saw the opportunity to become an expert on everything. That, and it’s the perfect vehicle for his quick wit and odd outlook on the world. 15 years in, he still hasn’t been fired (and won quite a few awards), so something must be going right.

On a warm, sunny day, you’ll find him puttering around on a golf course or gazing out the window at the office, imagining himself puttering around on a golf course (but, of course, still working diligently).

Someday, he’ll finish his time machine, go back and “write” all of Shakespeare’s plays, Hemingway’s novels and all the Harry Potter books, thereby fulfilling his dream of becoming a “real” writer.

Favorite palindrome:
Go hang a salami I’m a lasagna hog.

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