Gustavo Morantes

Senior Web Developer

We call Gustavo our international man of mystery but, in point of fact, the only mystery involving Gustavo is…what the heck does his skill set description mean? He claims to be an “Experienced Full Stack and Hybrid Mobile Developer (an experienced what?) for more than 14 years, with a constant desire to learn. Areas of expertise include leading development teams, software analysis and design, object-oriented programming, databases and agile methodologies.” (We suspect that “agile methodologies” is a veiled reference to his having been a personal trainer or an Olympic gymnast at some point in his career.)

Gustavo insists he comes from Gotham City (who knew it was in Venezuela?!) but, at the same time, he admits that his “superpowers” are limited to being “a very good listener and also patient with people.” In other words, he’s not gonna be much help if you happen to run into Ultron or Thanos while you’re taking your recycling out. On the plus side, Gustavo does like to take on new challenges and implement the cleanest solution possible, while switching to different projects where he can learn new languages and technologies. “I’m working toward higher positions where I can lead development teams…and give my best to the agency.” Sounds good…except when it’s being said by a guy who’s never watched “Game of Thrones”!