Sean Ruberg

Brand Strategy Director

As MTC’s Director of Brand Strategy, Sean is accountable for all aspects of client strategy, from pitch to proposal to research, creative brief and result analysis. Sean hails from Cincinnati, once nicknamed “the Nasty ‘Nati”—until he left to study in Dayton and the ‘Nati became Nice again. He credits his “Midwestern mentality” for his over-achieving work ethic and the permanent chip on his shoulder, the latter of which comes to the forefront the moment anyone says “You can’t do that” or “We can’t do that.” That’s when he loves to join forces with ” fun, driven people who want to do whatever it takes to produce amazing work.” (And utterly annihilate the nay-sayers in the process.)

Sean is a natural-born marketer with that unique gift of being a left-brain ~ right-brain thinker. His curiosity about marketing theory and strategy—coupled with his very good sense of, and intense desire for, good creative—pack a one-two punch. (There’s that Midwestern shoulder chip thing again!) Above all, he passionately loves “the search”, and considers himself fortunate to be in a field that rewards that passion.

Sean's Blogs

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