Tom Gilhuley

Senior Account Executive

Tom is a Senior Account Executive at MTC, with nearly 17 years of experience in the marketing industry and a B.A. degree in Marketing Communications from Loyola University Maryland – all of which makes him a key player on the MTC team.

Got questions about SEO or Analytics? He’s a solid resource. Curious as to how to plan out content for your next website? Yep, he knows that stuff, too.

From digital marketing to good ole fashioned print, outdoor, radio and TV, he’s done plenty. Working at agencies in New York, Florida, California and, of course, our beloved Maryland, he’s well-versed in marketing of all kinds and ready to take on your next challenge.

The proof of that readiness may be found in Tom’s mantra, repeated ad nauseam in the course of every business day (and quite possibly weekends), which carries within it a profoundly life-altering message: “So, whaddaya got for me? Let’s get to it already!”

In closing, we offer this small insight into the mind of Tom Gilhuley, scrawled on the back of a crumpled deposit slip, recovered from his recycling bin while he was at lunch:

Words Tom hates:
Synergy. Flexible Platform. Pop.

Herbs Tom likes:
Thyme. Lemon Verbena. Catnip.